Omega3 Health Benefits

There are varied omega3 health benefits that people should know. One, this type of fatty acid can reduce the risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol. Studies show that this tyoe of acid can help lower triglycerides and increase HDL cholesterol which is the good type of cholesterol.

This fatty acid can also act as an anticoagulant. It can prevent blood from clotting and studies have also shown that this can help lower high blood pressure. They can even potentially benefit patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Protecting the body against the accumulation of a protein that believed to be linked to Alzheimer’s disease is another omega3 health benefits.

This fatty acid is truly crucial for good health. Studies have shown that this acid can fight several types of diseases including mental and physical diseases like Alzheimer, heart disease, and rheumatism. This is even beneficial to children suffering from difficulty with concentration, dyslexia and ADHD.

This type of fatty acid is definitely an essential product for human health. But it cannot be manufactured by the body because this acid can only be obtained from food. These are found in fish like salmon, tuna, halibut, algae, krill and plants and nut oils. Fatty acids play a crucial part in brain functioning as well as normal growth development.

Because omega3 health benefits are many, thus the American heart association recommended that people should eat fish, including, mackerel, lake trout, herring, sardines, albacore tuna and salmon. But there are other people like pregnant women, mothers, nursing mothers, young children, and women, that needs to limit their consumption of other fish including albacore tuna, salmon and herring. Though, they can still buy this fatty acid in quality dietary supplements which states that their product contains mercury-free by a reputable third party.

Thus, people should give importance to in maintaining an appropriate balance of this type of fatty acid in the diet. And together with omega-6, both can work together to promote health. Other benefits of omega3 health products are that it can reduce inflammation when people consume a proper balance between the two types of fatty acid: omega3 and omega 6.

Doctors’ would usually recommend roughly 2 to 4 times more omega 6 fatty acid as compared to omega3 fatty acids. This type of acid can also help patient with high blood pressure. There are clinical studies that suggest that taking too much of this fatty acid can greatly reduce hypertension. Analysis of the study showed that consuming 3 or more grams of fish oil daily can lead to significant reductions in blood pressure especially with individuals treated with untreated hypertension.

Other health benefits include heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, arthritis, osteoporosis, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia, eating disorders, burns, skin disorders inflammatory bowel disease, asthma, macular degeneration, menstrual pain, colon cancer, breast cancer and even prostate cancer. There are also still studies conducted on omega3 health benefits when it comes to diseases like autism, ulcers, migraine headaches, preterm labor, emphysema, psoriasis, glaucoma, etc.

Cat Health Made Easy

It’s probably true to say that most people who enjoy the company of cats in their home are particularly conscious of providing good cat health care.

Optimising good cat heath care will not only provide your cat with the potential of a long life, but also of a healthy, carefree one, too. It’s very satisfying to see your cat happy, healthy and enjoying life.

What is the single most important thing you can do to ensure the your cat enjoys the best health?

Is it immunising your cat against all the common or known feline diseases?

Is it keeping your cat indoors, away from potential hazards such as fighting or car accidents?

Is it having them sterilised?

Perhaps it’s in keeping their sexuality entire?

Could it be ensuring their teeth are clean?

What about providing a loving, secure and safe home?

There are probably as many opinions about what’s important in cat health care as there are people!

Important though some of the above are, I don’t think any of them are as important to optimise good cat health as something that they do every day.


Diet and nutrition are of top priority in maintaining the health of your cat. To my mind, this is the single most important aspect in maintaining anyone’s health., not just for your cat

You may be feeding your cat a top cat food, recommended by your veterinarian. You may feel that, with all the advertising, proprietary brands are the best cat food. But are they?

We all know that advertising makes hollow promises, as the advertiser is more concerned with making money than giving you the facts.

But surely you can trust your veterinarian. Can’t you?

Did you know that the top pet food manufacturers financially contribute to veterinary colleges? I may be old fashioned, but to me that means the colleges aren’t completely impartial. After all, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

I suspect, that since you have reached this article, you’re searching for another way to improve your cats’ health, other than that recommended by your veterinarian – which is invariably everyone’s first choice.

Contrary to popular belief, and to most vets who sell processed food, it is the processed food itself which wreaks such havoc with cat health. Cats evolved by hunting animals and consuming most of it immediately.

Their digestive system has evolved to cope with this. Cooked, processed, preservatives and the very low grade meat by-products which are the basis for the majority of proprietary cat food on the market, is the single, most damaging factor in the deteriorating health of your cat.

If your cat gets all his nutrition from raw food, you will see a remarkable transformation in a matter of days.

But you need to get the balance right. You need to get the quantity and variety right for a good, all round balanced diet. Otherwise you could run the very real risk of one or more deficiencies. A serious deficiency can be fatal.

And you need to know about the de-toxing effect a change to a good diet entails.

When I first started introducing raw food to my cats, it was fraught with difficulties. I made mistake after mistake. After studying and applying various other therapists ways, I finally worked out what worked and what didn’t. What they said was right and what just couldn’t work.

So I wrote a book about cat health, based on my own experiences. I wish I’d had it before I embarked on that particular adventure. It would have saved me so much anxiety.

When you address this so very important aspect of cat health, the spin off is enormous – professional therapist fees are cut back drastically.

Is there anyone alive who doesn’t love a win-win situation?

Love Improves Health and Longevity

Research on Love and Health

Research on love and relationships show that engaging in deep and calming love in marriage helps us to:

  • Have a higher immunity system.
  • Lower rates of heart disease and other chronic illness.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Helps us live longer.
  • Allows us to manage stress longer.

The key aspects of health benefits occur when we are:

  • Fully open to receiving and giving love.
  • Giving and feeling supported by engaging in emotional intimacy and deep connectivity.
  • Soothed and inspired by interactions that facilitate growth and expand the heart.

Thus, platonic and altruistic love might also help benefit health just as romantic love does.

Yet, how many times have you found yourself hesitant to invest fully in expressing or receiving love? Often times we hold back because of:

  • Fears that we will be rejected.
  • Fears about being criticized.
  • Concerns that we somehow do not measure up to others’ expectations.
  • Insecurities that make us feel that others will not value us and reciprocate feelings.
  • Lack of energy to invest fully in giving to others or to receive fully.
  • Fears of losing love once we allow ourselves to feel it.

An expansive heart gives to others even in moments when it is not necessarily convenient to give or when one is not guaranteed that love will be returned. An expansive heart is one that is self aware and aligned with truths.

It is the act of openness and thoughtfulness that nourishes the heart in a selfless way, for when we take ego and fear out of the mix and express love from a space without agendas, our hearts and spirits stretch and grow in new ways.

While some researchers find a correlation between calm, loving marital relationships and higher levels of health, other researchers are considering the health benefits gained by individuals who are single, such as the Dalai Lama, who are engaging in deep altruistic love and connecting profoundly by giving selflessly to people.

Certainly, this kind of selfless love is also valuable in benefiting health-the act of creating spiritual communities and connecting intimately with others through altruistic acts creates significant physical and mental benefits.

Ester M. Sternberg, a researcher a research professor who authored The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions (Freeman, 2001), concluded that altruistic expressions of love may:

  • Suppress disease activity.
  • Activate an immune response that is healthful.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Reduce chronic pain (the sense of giving releases endorphins, chemicals in the body that block pain).
  • Improves mental outlook and energy levels.

The effects of altruism on a happy mood are well documented medically. Dr. Kathleen Hall, a world renowned expert in stress and founder of The Stress Institute, says that “Altruism creates a physiological responses or ‘helpers high’ that makes people feel stronger and more energetic and counters harmful effects of stress.”

Thus, expressing love altruistically may have as much of a health benefit as experiencing love in the context of longer term, married, romantic relationships.

How can we expand our heart energies and capacities to share love in ways that increase our health benefits?

(1) Engage in qi gong that is focused on energetically and spiritually opening the heart

The National Qi Gong Association’s free “Healing Wave” video online has a segment called “Open Heart Qi” that is very useful with movements that emphasize opening the heart center.

(2) Practice going out of your way to engage kind or loving behaviors. Any of us can say we are loving people, but do our actions truly reflect that? Are we willing to give love even when it is inconvenient or requires personal sacrifice?

Assess your behaviors of terms of how willing you are to invest in building loving relationships. Ask yourself:

  • When was the last time, I went out of my way to give special flowers for someone to simply bring joy?
  • When have I last taken time to prepare a special nourishing meal for someone?
  • When did I last plan an excursion to uplift someone’s spirit?
  • When did I actively seek to build new loving relationships?

Often times we are willing to do what is convenient and comfortable for us to express love, but the deeper benefits of stretching the heart come from those moments that are willing to go that extra mile to extend ourselves.

(3) Actively surround yourself with other loving people who are natural givers, and who enjoy investing love into other people.

When we surround ourselves with such people, there is a synergy that occurs from the dynamic of love going back and forth-it is this synergy that researchers are studying in married couples and concluding that such interactions are beneficial to health-but remember, that synergy can also occur among people who are single and expressing love.