Fitness Lifestyle – Not Motivated to Workout for Your Fitness and Health? Change Your Mindset!

Why we should repeatedly preach about fitness lifestyle? Please recap, normally when you asking someone to join the exercise or workout with you, the answer you will get mostly will be NO. There are thousands of excuses given but the main reason behind is that they are not interest in workout because it is too boring.

This is not a healthy sign as people nowadays are constraint to the tiny chair in front of their computer for a day long and they are consuming the worst food of all time – Junk Food and can drinks almost everyday. Without workout or routine exercise will worsen the situation and increase the risk of obesity to many people. Death related to obesity has climbed to 2nd places of all killer sickness in United States, this is significantly alarming. If you are one of the people that reluctant to join in fitness lifestyle, you should be aware of the bad consequences. By ensuring yourself taking part in the fitness and healthy lifestyle, you can only live in a healthier and happier life with less sickness and higher productivity.

I have to remind you that you are the person to take care and responsible of your health. Others can only advise or remind you to keep your body fitness, they are not able to maintain the fitness lifestyle for you. This is why you should understand what is important to your body and what can make it function well. I have included more detailed information in my another blog, feel free to visit for more free information regarding things to be taken noted to start Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle.

If you are those not health conscious, let me talk about another reason for you to join in the force of fitness lifestyle. Imagine that if you are able to tone up your body and show off your well tune body on the beach in the summer day, will this drive you to start your fitness and healthy lifestyle?

If this is not enough, how about I let you know that most of the employers or supervisors will include outlook and appearance in their performance assessment on the employee? You may even not able to get any jobs due to your outlook simply due to outlook issue. They may not judge on whether you are a pretty boy or girl but rather they will consider whether this person is fit to perform all the tasks they assigned? Will this person fall sicks often and affect the work progress? Is he or she strong enough to take a certain level of stress? Let’s face it, these are all reasonable judgment and you should take note of them. They are not ridiculous or superficial, this is very reasonable and always happened in nowadays working society!

By practicing fitness lifestyle, you are not only able to regain your confidence and self-esteem because your better outlook and you are more energetic physically. You not only make yourself look more charming and your reaction will also become faster.

These are just some small realistic reason that will urge you to seriously think of starting your fitness plan and create a new you. There are still tons of better reason that you should really consider of to understand the benefits of fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Have fun when you are living with fitness and healthy lifestyle, you will not even feel that you are practicing fitness lifestyle after sometime of adopting it in your life. You will feel fresher and never look back after you are used to it. Live long and stay happy my friends.

What Children Teach Us About Health

Some of you reading this may be enjoying your pinnacle years of health. Others may be struggling with a difficult diagnosis. Still others may feel trapped in a cycle of bad habits. Regardless where you are, one of the key points of living with health is living each moment to the fullest. It is pivotal that we take the moment in front of us, and live that moment with hope. Sometimes our best intentions of planning ahead for our health can rob of us of the happiness of our health TODAY. As a healthcare provider, I wanted to remind us all of some key concepts from the science of health, that I have learned time and again from caring for children:

Stop and appreciate each breath, regardless of your future goals.
Trust others more freely. Let yourself be filled with hope by embracing a child like faith in LOVE and LIFE.
Don’t worry about tomorrow. Plan for tomorrow’s health, but, appreciate what you have now.

Children are notorious for embracing the moment, regardless of what lies ahead. They are notorious for trusting implicitly. That must be why there are so many illustrations of embracing child like faith. The evidence is clear that strength in the moment comes from a mental agility and mindfulness of the present. Trust and hope in the moment are essential to health. Today’s tip reminders are inspired by a young Piraha boy I cared for in the Amazon jungles of Brazil:

I had been assigned to work with a community health group, screening for malaria in rural areas of northwestern Brazil. One of our tasks was to test for malaria, and treat the cases we found. I expected to be treating bedridden patients, with high fevers, depleted from all energy. Instead what I found were many children who were playing soccer in the fields, while testing positive for malaria! In attempt to treat each individual case, I called a young boy, Joao, into the clinic. His blood level of malaria was high, but, not his energy or zeal for life. He was about 7 years old, and his frailness hid behind his intense energy. I told his mom he had malaria, and that he would need to take the medicine to treat it for a few days. As we checked his temperature, his high fever was a surprise to me. He was so energetic, and seemed to face such a difficult disease without a care in the world! I can even remember him begging his mother to let him finish his game of soccer before he started the malaria medication!. He lived moment by moment, and it was obvious he had grown accustomed to appreciating whatever opportunity life gave him, with or without malaria.

I hope Joao’s story reminds you to appreciate today’s health as you HOPE for your health goals. I have learned from patients in every facet of life that this is where HOPE begins. From the cradle to the grave, we can appreciate each breath we have been given with a childlike faith for each moment!