Chia Seeds Health Benefits

Weight loss tools abound these days, and a popular approach to dieting now includes adding natural foods that are full of health benefits. One example of such a tool is the chia seed. Chia seeds health benefits include healthy omega oils and are also hydroliphic, meaning that they absorb water. Chia seeds can absorb more than ten times their weight in water which makes them a great asset for keeping people hydrated. In addition to that, the seeds form a gel when they are mixed with water and this gel can act as a blocker in the digestive system, allowing some foods to be blocked from being absorbed, which in turn results in fewer calories taken in.

The Bad Points

While it may be true that there are Chia seeds health benefits, there may also be some cons associated with using this product. Several reviewers of this product stated that weight loss did not seem to be resulting from eating the seeds, however they were able to notice a change in their overall health. Other reviewers reported that when they ate the chia in gel form they would get sick to their stomachs, but found that mixing the seeds in yogurt was a great way to eat them. Another gripe of the consumers is that the poor packaging has the potential to cause you to lose almost one tenth of the product.

The Good Points

It then goes without saying that Chia seeds health benefits do indeed have pros. Many reviewers have noticed a remarkable change in their digestive system after consuming this product. Others have mentioned that they can get more energy from these seeds than they can from a Red Bull energy drink. It has also been said that the gel created from mixing the seeds with water works well as a substitute for oils and fats in cooking. In addition, the seeds are filling and full of fiber.


As you can see, there are many Chia seeds health benefits, and they seem to be worth consuming even if you are not trying to lose weight. When your body is healthy, it will eventually release weight.