New Health Care System: Unique Application

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In 3 -12 we discussed the basis of clinical laboratory science, and why it’s so representative of what’s happening in the human body. In article 4- 12 we discussed details of why there is such a vast amount of critical health related information available in a large clinical laboratory science profile pattern. Imagine any testing procedure so sensitive that it has millions of possible results.

But, why is this so significant in the fight for disease prevention and improved wellness levels? Because, with the right computer system the profile pattern will provide an extremely effective means of testing people for various levels of health along with the means of improving it.

Because of the extreme reach of the profile pattern to measure such minute differences taking place in the human organism, the various individual applications available within the proposed system, are almost limitless.

Initially, how about just recording the profile patterns of all diseased people, healthy people and extremely healthy people.

This information could be stored in the research computer systems with each case being related to the physical condition and the environment of the individual that it came from at the time the blood sample was drawn. When you do tens of millions of such cases a year, as spelled out in the book, a vast data bank is established with which massive amounts of research can be performed.

One significant example: how about hereditary weakness concerns within families with a tendency toward developing certain diseases. We know this is a fact, but what we don’t know is how simple it may be to completely solve the problem. It’s possible that the people in some families have a weakness in an area that can be easily resolved. For example, possibly even by just a simple addition to ones diet. Maybe as simple as tomato juice a couple of times a week or certain vegetables, fruits, vitamins, herbs and the list goes on and on. Or how about the avoidance of some chemicals such as insecticides or lawn herbicides or chemicals in food? Is this possible? Could such simple changes be that effective? We won’t know that for sure until we have the opportunity to check it out with this type of information system.

In addition to the tens of millions of cases that would be transmitted to the main national research center section, however, the national research center also has a separate volunteer section. That volunteer section is set up to basically do three things. Establish all measurable levels of wellness (in addition to disease states), test all chemicals manufactured, and test all possible remedies–including all the natural elements.

Measurable levels of wellness study: 20,000 volunteers would be tested with the profile pattern, every ninety days for five years. At each testing the volunteer’s health would also be recorded. The volunteers would intentionally be selected for the study in all stages of health. So as the study progresses the individual volunteers at their individual stages of health would continue to progress over the five year period some going through minor changes n their health, others major changes, thus providing thousands of measurable health situations. This would allow for the full evaluation of the preceding stages–including the stages preceding disease. It would provide an opportunity to set up the hundreds of analytical profile patterns for the pre-disease stages of health that are now missing–from the disease stages all the way to the normal plus stages.

These will be discussed further in the following articles.

As far fetched as the above may seem in comparison to our current health care situation, it is truly available, all it needs is public support. Write your Congressperson or Senator to check it out. Lets change our lives.